Of Silver Gulls and sand
Of Silver Gulls and sand
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Silver Gulls arc across the windswept dunes in Lancelin, a couple of hours north of Perth.

3 Comments on "Of Silver Gulls and sand"

  • faustina // 2006-07-24 05:04:48

    very pretty. It's neat that the birds are in the shadow, but have just enough sun hitting them.
  • Tony // 2006-07-24 09:21:45

    To be perfectly honest I'm not sure why I like it but I do... The photo (IMHO) isn't one of your best, the birds are a bit small, its a bit grainy etc etc but nonetheless I find it appealing. Any shot with birds in flight and with bright sun on white sand has got to be difficult to take so nicely done.
  • julia // 2006-07-25 12:04:58

    I love it because the sand looks like snow.

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