Varanus tristus
Varanus tristus
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I had hoped to be posting a pic from the Anthrax gig I just went to - sadly my honesty in asking the door staff if photography was cool was my undoing there. I also considered posting a pic of the alien mass that has been growing on the side of my pinky finger for the last few years. I go into surgery in a few hours to have it hacked mercilessly off. The surgeon tells me it is a giant cell tumour, but I secretly suspect it is a budding mini-me. But no pic of said mass, because the shot I took of it out the front of the Anthrax gig, was boring. So, given due respect of the risks of the anaesthetic I am to go under I thought this pic of a native Australian reptile - who's future is entirely uncertain - was somewhat appropriate. And should I never return from the barbiturate slumber, such a black pic makes a fitting end to this blog. Bwahaha. That's bleak for you. See you all tomorrow.

4 Comments on "Varanus tristus"

  • David H-W // 2005-05-19 03:18:33

    Nice strong shot Gary and good lighting. Good luck with the surgery.
  • ChrisK // 2005-05-19 05:02:42

    This is really nice - love the lighting, and the composition. So much detail in the little bugger. Thanks for the comment on my blog - good luck with the surgery.
  • Ryan Rahn // 2005-05-19 08:35:03

    Sweet background!
  • Beilby // 2005-05-19 16:01:38

    I lived! Thanks for the warm wishes folks. :) Still spewing about not getting any pictures of Anthrax tho. I think I need to get a new phone with a better camera. The pics my Nokia takes are laughable. However, if I can bash my irDA connection into working again I'll post a bit of a collage of the shots I did take.

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